Thursday Night Men’s Twilight News

The August 17 edition of the Thursday Night Men’s Twilight was sponsored by Glen Tay Transport. Due to wet conditions, play was restricted to the front nine, but that certainly didn’t dampen the spirits of our loyal patrons who enjoyed a great evening of golf.

Keith Jordan, Bob Bresee, Barry Jordan, and Kerwin O’Neill posted the low score of the night, celebrating their victory with wild abandon.

The Roosteraunt closest to the pin prize went to Hank Hart for his tee shot on hole number 8, and the Town and Country Chrysler longest drive belonged to Kyle Maitland for his blast on hole number 2. Keep eating those Wheaties, Kyle.

The fabulous tests of skill were performed by Bill Arnold and Steve McKenney. I have a new respect for the intricacies of shadow puppetry.

This week’s Rocky’s Road Rash ball will be teed up by Pat Wiseman. He’ll try for a hole in one to win the Hunt and Dopson prize at the Closing in September. Good luck!

Last week’s Obsessed With Golf trivia question: In the 2007 U.S. Women’s Open, which country had 24 players make the cut, the same number of players as the Americans? Answer: D. Korea.
This week’s question: Which year was Sam Snead awarded the very first green jacket at the Masters?
  1. 1949
  2. 1952
  3. 1954
  4. 1961
See next week’s article for the answer.