Thursday Night Men’s Twilight News

The June 22 edition of the Thursday Night Men’s Twilight was sponsored by Smiths Falls
Family Chiropractic. Dr. Frazer’s presence came in handy, since a few individuals had sore
backs from carrying their teams all night.
The flexible McKenney, Bennett, and Coates squad manipulated their way around the front nine,
posting the low score of the evening. On the back side (the bad puns continue), Bill Arnold, Peter
Nilsson, Roger Cooke, and Marcel Doyon showed their range of motion by claiming victory
against some stiff competition.
The Roosteraunt closest to the pin prizes went to Clare Sanderson and George Thomson for their
tee shots on holes 3 and 14.
Art Rent and Rico Dopson took home the Burns Jewelers bling for the best approach shots on
holes 4 and 15.
The Town and Country Chrysler longest drives were launched by John McKenney and Rico
Dopson on holes 6 and 17. Yes, Rico can do it all!
The fabulous tests of skill were completed by Rick Wiseman and Tanner Koziel. Cirque de
Soleil, watch out!
Tommy Henderson won the coveted Valley Custom Cutting Gift certificate. Beats Lean Cuisine,
eh Tommy?
This week’s Rocky’s Road Rash ball went to Dan Angell. He’ll pray to the heavens for a hole in
one to win the Hunt and Dopson prize at the Closing in September. Good luck!
Last week’s Obsessed With Golf trivia question: Tiger Woods was the highest paid athlete in the
world in 2005. About how much did he earn? Answer: C. $85 million
This week’s question: Which of these PGA champions was not selected for the U.S. Ryder Cup
team in the same year they won the championship?
A. Rich Beem
B. Shaun Micheel
C. John Daly
D. Don January
See next week’s article for the answer.


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